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Beauty Skin Treatments

Anti-aging Facial 2020

Using our signature oxygen facial for a deep skin cleanse and oxygenate the skin Dermaplaning to remove vellus hair, followed by radiofrequency for collagen stimulation.

A powerful gold serum is used to plump, treat fine lines, and tighten loose facial skin.

Antiaging facial to contour and firm the skin. Exclusively using Hyllagen a non-invasive aesthetic serum used in combination with powerful radiofrequency to improve the skin firmness and appearance of ageing, for truly younger, healthier-looking skin.


3 Anti-ageing facials for £225
6 Anti-ageing facials £450 1 free
12 Anti-ageing facials £900 2 free
60-minute treatment £90

Summer Non-surgical BBL using

Elenzia Power Serum
LIPO FIRM PRO 30 minutes
Sculpted, lifted buttocks
Cellulite Banished
Skin Tightened

3 sessions for £300

The power-boosting Elenzia serum can be used on any part of the body, head to toe, and can be added to any lipo firm session.

To add to any of our facials or skin peels it is £80 with the radiofrequency.

To add to any lipo firm pro body treatment it is £50 for 3 areas or 3 sessions.

Neo Elegance LED facial

Neo Elegance Facial with LED light therapy and Glycolic. 50 minute facial with deep skin exfoliation, light peel, advanced skin serum and LED treatment. www.neoelegance.co.uk
Single Facial from £55
Course of 5 from £200

IRIDIUM Bright Eye Lift Package from £55

Enzyme peel, radio-frequency, LED and potent eye patches
Combining several different therapies, the eye area will appear lifted, tighter and brighter. The delicate eye skin is prone to ageing quickly, so it’s important to treat the eye area with care and clinically proven methods to reduce wrinkles and tiredness.

Express Led Treatment from £55

Deep cleanse, LED therapy and product infusion and derma-planning. A classic express skin treat. The skin is deeply cleansed and prepared using a glycolic foam cleanser. Then an LED colour will be chosen to either combat ageing, acne or hyperpigmentation.

It’s a relaxing treatment with no downtime. Brilliant to have in between intense treatments to provide better results and quicker healing. With derma-planning, a neck and shoulder massage included.

Oxygen Facial Treatment from £60

Mini-Glycolic Peel and O2 snow mask and deep skin infusion serum with derma-planning. The skin is actively infused with potent vitamins and minerals. Oxygen therapy works to keep the skin cells healthy and plump.

The bactericidal effect in the deeper layers of the skin fights spots,
acne and keeps the skin healthy. This treatment provides an instant brightening and plumping effect.

Super Facial with the Aqua Gold

Micro-needling serums from £255

A truly super facial this treatment is recommended on a 3-monthly-basis.

It will provide your skin with everything it needs, from a deep cleanse, hydration, tightening, collagen boosting, skin calming and brightening. Not only that, but each session will be tailored to your skin to feed your skin with exactly what it needs. Perfect in preparation for a big event or party – it’s a real game-changer.

With no downtime, and chose from micro-Botox or hyaluronic infusions using real 24K gold micro-gold needles. With or without derma-planning.

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