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Fat Dissolving

Celluform and Kybella are the main treatments for permanently removing localised areas of fat. Considered as the best treatment for body shaping, both have key ingredients such as Deoxycholic Acid know to destroy fat cells. It can be used to remove unflattering and stubborn areas of fat.

Celluform is efficient at breaking the fat cells under the chin and body. The lymphatic system then starts the work by removing the fatty liquid. The remaining part of the fat cells is then removed from the body as waste. The vicinity fat cells, increase in calorific intake. So the destroyed fat cells never regrow. Most patients see the results 2 weeks after the initial treatment. It is necessary to keep in mind that some patients may benefit from having up to 3 treatments at 3 to 4 weeks intervals to achieve the desired result.

If you want to speed up the fat loss process, there are two other ways that you can proceed. This involves combining with Radiofrequency treatment such as Forma and Fractora 2 weeks after the celluform treatment. Forma is a Radiofrequency treatment that can also reduce fat in localised areas and skin tightening.


Your double chin reduction treatment consultation is £50 which is redeemable towards your treatment cost. Any woman or man who is concerned about the appearance of stubborn localised fat can. Our doctor can help you decide if celluform treatment is right for you.

The procedure

Celluform treatment takes around 30 minutes. Using an innovative technique to minimise the number of injections, an ultra-fine needle is inserted directly into the fatty tissue, beneath the skin. Small injection points are required per area treated, with the amount of product varying according to the size of the area. A local anaesthetic is added to the solution before injection to improve patient comfort resulting in a virtually pain-free treatment.

Post-treatment Advice

Immediately after celluform treatment the treated area(s) will become swollen which may last a few days. Mild redness is not uncommon. However, these temporary side effects quickly subside. There is a possibility of bruising and it is recommended that arnica tablets are taken a few days prior to treatment. Results are seen gradually over the next 2 weeks post-treatment.

Do not apply cosmetics to the treated area up to 12 hours after the treatment
Avoid all sources of heat and radiation (sunlight, saunas etc) for the first 2 weeks
Abstain from demanding physical exercise for 7 days


Optimal results are obtained with two or three celluform treatments. However, this can also be combined with Forma. Therefore, we are encouraging our patients to speak with our cosmetic doctor to determine what treatment plan will be of most benefit to them. Here are the most popular used treatments in combination

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